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Computer Ethics and Safety


Think Before You Post Video - Video created highlighting the dangers of posting on the Internet


Elementary Internet Safety Links







  • KidsComJr - Learn about Internet Safety with Iggy and Rasper (3)
  • Netsmartz Kids - View all 6 Wizzywig videos
  • Hector's World Stories / Cyberbullying You're Not Alone - cell phone and computer (2-4) 10 minutes / watch the music video after watching You're Not Alone.
  • KidRex - Learn what a blog is.  KidRex has 2 samples - Fabulous Freddie and Eco's World (3-6)
  • Welcome to the Web- A series of online activites that teaches kids about Internet searches and safety. (3-6)












Additional Sites



  • Using Search Engines
  • Set prefereces be set to "STRICT FILTERING".  If you are not sure how to filter out inappropriate information on a search engine, look in the help menu and search "Filtering". It should tell you how to set the preferences. 
  • Social Networking
  • Social networking is an internet service that allows people to keep track and communicate with their friends, family and other people who have similar interests.  When people do this they put information on the Internet that is personal information.  If you choose to use a social network always make it private. For additional information on Social Networking dangers go to a search engine and search "Social Networking Dangers".
  • What is "Social Networking"?
  • CommonCraft Video 
  • Chris Parillo Video