Cool Art Tools


3-D Twirler - design 3-D objects online


Mandela Maker - make your own colorful mandela


Pattern Wizardry - includes Borderliners, Kaleidodraw, Quilters, Wallovers


Pixel Face - modify portraits by playing with pixels


Diamonds - create diamond shaped designs


Make a Snowflake - cut and unfold a snowflake


Kaleidoscope Maker - turn a design into a kaleidoscope


Sand Art - fill the box with colored sand to make a design


Tessellation Town - make tessellations online


Tessellate - java tool that creates tesselllations


Flash Face - use tools to make a face - amazing!


Viscosity - experiment with brush tools


String Spin - draw and twirl


Scribbler - watch your drawing grow


Build Your Wild Self - creative character builder


We are Multicolored - design your own flag


Litebrite - build a picture using a online Litebrite set


Myoats - another interesting drawing tool