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Games and Activities

  • Brain Pop! - academic games, activities and videos for all kids
  • Bloxorz - A fun, popular problem solving game from Cool Math.
  • Family Fun - By Disney.  This is like an online magazine full of interesting stuff!  However we included it here because there are also online games as well.
  • Fun 4 the Brain - A collection of games in all subjects just for fun!
  • Fun Brain-
  • Fun School - online games (advertisements look like games so look close before you click)
  • Gamequarium-
  • I Know That - academic games and activities for elementary kids
  • Kaboose -  Holiday, seasonal, sports, arcade, amd educational games (advertisements look like games so look close before you click)
  • Knowledge Adventure - Educational games for Pre K through 3.  You have the ability to sort several ways on this site.
  • Learning Planet
  • Play Kids Games
  • Primary Games - arcade games + academic games
  • Room 108 - Over 400 pages of kids educational games, interactive writing, animated stories, songs, kids puzzles, art, math, science social studies, distance learning and much more.   
  • Up to Ten Kids Games - games and activities.  Good for lower elementary
  • Scholastic Online Activities - Online learning and interactive learning.  Sorted by grade level
  • Seussville - Write a story like Dr. Seuss, play a game, or learn more about your favorite book.
  • Sheppard Software - Online free educational games, quizzes, activities and puzzles
  • Stage Coach- Student created games and simulations
  • Starfall- Reading Games
  • Syvum - Online Activities, Games and Quizzes - Pre K (with help) through grade 12 or higher in multiple languages.  You also can learn different languages on this site as well. (Test your knowledge of several subjects including trivia)
  • The Kidz Page
  • Time 4 Learning - Online home education program that combines learning with fun educational teaching games.  There is a monthly subscription fee.
  • Tutoring for Tots - The name indicates that this site is for very young kids however it is really reading games for kids who are learning to read.
  • Word Puzzle Heaven
  • Zilladog -  Games, movies and activities for kids, as well as kid-friendly email with safety restrictions in place.