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Kindergarten - 5th Visit to the Computer Lab

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USE LANSCHOOL to login all students.  All workstations should be on the desktop when class begins and the "NumLock" key in on at each station.


Have students sit in whole group at the beginning of class.  Have login cards at each of their workstations.  Note: The login cards are best if they are a horizontal bi-fold paper 3 inches by 8 1/2 inches.  One side will have the student's username and the other side the six digits of their password.  This helps in only looking at one area of use at a time for these young learners.  (Their password is actually eight characters but the students only put the numbers in the password box.)  At this age the six digits of their password works best if it is written in groups of two numbers with a space in betweeen - even though they do not type the space.  For example: 12 34 56.  This will help the student to memorize their numbers.




Explain to students that to "use" the computer we have to have a special "username".  Each one of the students have a special name and we use that to get into the computer.  Their username consists of letters and a number.  Explain to the students that at each computer there is a card that has their letters and number on it.  The letters come from their last and first names.   Explain that it is four letters from their last name, then three letters from their first name and then, because they are the only one with those seven letters, they put the number one. NOTE: It is usually a "one" but as a teacher, you have access to a master list of logins and need to check your class list for the number attached to a name.  This number is important, if two students in the district have the same letters, it creates their own file to save work in as this system follows them through 13 years of school.  (Example:  Michelle Smith, Michael Smith - both usernames are SmitMic.  So Michael's username would be SmitMic1 and Michelle's would be SmitMic2.)


A demonstration of the teacher's name on a whiteboard or piece or paper could be a visual to show how one gets a username. 

                    Smith Jane

                    Smith Jane



Today they are going to practice typing their username.


Location of letters and numbers and "Backspace Key" and the term "cursor"


Have them go to their stations and double click on Tux Paint.  Demonstrate, through controlling their screen in LanSchool, how to click on the "ABC" Tool in Tux Paint.  Then click on the screen.  A blinking line appears.  This is called a "cursor".  It shows where you are going to type letters.  Find the letters on the keyboard that match their card.  If a mistake is made when typing, show them how, by pressing the "backspace" key.


Next show them where to find the number.  Have them use the number pad on the keyboard.


After typing it once and the teacher checking it, have students get a "new white screen" to free draw for the rest of the class to increase mouse control skills.


Important: When class time is over, before the students quit the program, have them get a "New" white screen. Note: If one doesn't get a new white screen, whatever was left on the screen is what appears when the program is reopened at that workstation. It doesn't matter who is logged in. 



At the end of class, review with students how to quit Tux Paint by clicking on the "Quit" button under "Tools". The first window that pops up asks if they are done. The students click "Yes"(green button) to quit. Then another window appears asking if they want to save their work. The students click "No" (red button) because we are just practicing.



At the end of class have students push in their chairs and set headsets next to the keyboard.  Use LanSchool to log them all out.