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Kindergarten - 8th Visit to the Computer Lab

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Workstations should be on the Novell Client Screen for each class now and have their username card at the workstation.


Sitting in a whole group, quickly remind the students the steps to login as you are demonstrating on a keyboard.  Steps: Green light on for go (NumLock key); type username; Tab key to get to next box; type password; raise their hand for the teacher to finish their password; and click on the arrow. If an error window pops up, raise their hand for the teacher to come and help. NOTE: Checking the username when one is at the student workstation, while the teacher is finishing the password, will save lots of error windows from popping up. 


Have students go to their workstations, login, and click on the Tux Paint icon.  When everyone has logged in, give them a minute to explore and then control their screen through LanSchool and demonstrate today's lesson.


"Fill" a Picture 

Remind students that on the left side of the screen is the "Tools" section.  So far we have used the Paint, Undo, Redo, New and Eraser.  Click on "New".  Remind students how they can pick different backgrounds by using the pink down arrow at the bottom of the backgrounds.  Scroll down and click on the picture of the hen to help demonstrate the "Magic" Tool.  Tell students that today they are going to learn a new tool called "Magic".  Ask them to watch what happens to their screen when you click on the "Magic" button. The right side changes and it now says "Magic".  There is a list of magic ways that you can change a picture.  Demonstrate to the class the "Fill" button choosing a color on the bottom.  You must remember to click the "magic wand" on the picture for the button to magically work.


Let the class explore the "Fill" button with different backgrounds for the rest of the class.


Important: At the end of the session, ask students what they need to do before they quit the program. (Get a new white sheet.)  Then "Quit" the program.


At the end of class have students push in their chairs and set headsets next to the keyboard.  Use LanSchool to log them all out.