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Space Project Links


Quiet Bay


The Nine 8 Planets - A multimedia tour of the solar system.


Google Sky - Get a close up look at each planet; be sure to zoom in and out.


NASA's Solar System Exploration - Click on a planet to learn more about it.


Solar System Visualizer - By zooming in and out you can see the orbit of each planet around the sun, as well as the moons that orbit each planet. 


3D Solar System Simulation - See each planet's rotation, learn a few facts about each planet, and see how each planet compares ini size to Earth.


The Space Place  - Learn a little bit about each planet's moons.


Messenger - Compare the size of planets by using the drop down menus provided.


Planets in our Solar System - Find out how many miles from the sun each planet is.


NASA Images - a collection of space images that can be used for educational purposes.


Planets - See our solar system in action.


Star Child -  Information for kids about the solar system--created by NASA.


ALA Great Web Sites for Kids on Astronomy and Space