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SMARTeKIDS / 3rd Grade - Illustrating Compound Words Activity
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3rd Grade - Illustrating Compound Words Activity

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Overview - This activity is used to teach basic word processing skills using Open Office Writer. (Open a program, create a header, center text, resize and bold text, add a border, add clip art and using the drawing tool bar.  It also teaches compound words in a fun way.

Resources :




Step 1: Open a new document using Open Office Writer

Step 2: Create a header on the document that includes your first and last name, the date, and the title of the project. The following video shows how to create a header.

. //

Step 3: Add a border around the outside. The following video shows how to add a border.

. //

Step 4: Type the definition of a compound word at the top of the paper. Click Here to research what a compound word is.

Step 5: Illustrate the compound words by inserting clip art images and using your drawing tool bar The following videos shows how to add clip art and use the drawing tools in Open Office Writer.

. //

. //

Step 6: smile Optional Challenge - Come up with other compound words and illustrate them.

Step 7: Save your file to F:\ drive and name it Illustrating Compound Words

Step 8: Print your document and hand it to your teacher.