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Kindergarten - 11th Visit to the Computer Lab

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Workstations should be on the Novell Client Screen for each class now and have their username card at the workstation.


Have students go to their workstations, quickly remind the students the steps to login: Green light on for go (NumLock key); type password; raise their hand for the teacher to finish their password; and click on the arrow. If an error window pops up, raise their hand for the teacher to come and help. NOTE: Checking the username when one is at the student workstation, while the teacher is finishing the password, will save lots of error windows from popping up.


Double click on the Tux Paint icon.  Have them explore until everyone is logged in.  When everyone has logged in, have the students click on "New".  Use a projector to demonstrate the lesson playing Simon Says as the students do their project.


Christmas Tree Picture

Tell the students that today we are going to play Simon Says again and make a Christmas Tree.  Under Tools, click on the "Lines" button.   Under Brushes on the right, click on the right button in the top row for the size of brush.  Then because it is a Christmas tree click on the color green on the bottom.



Simon Says draw a line about this big for the bottom of the tree (____ -put appropriate size and placement on the screen) Simon Says draw a slanted line that touches the bottom on the left end up about this high. (/ - left side of tree).   IMPORTANT - For this next step do not connect one of your end but tell the children to do so.  Simon Says draw another line from the end of the right side and meet the top of the other line. ( \ - side of tree). 


Simon Says click on "Magic" from the Tools.  Simon Says click on "Fill" from the Magic choices on the right.  Simon Says hands in your lap.  Explain that the next step is to fill the tree but there could be a problem.  If your lines don't touch each other in the corners, when you fill the tree (demonstrate) the whole screen will turn green.  Click on the "Undo" button and see if you can find an opening (show the opening in your tree).  Explain to go back to Brushes and just draw a line to connect them and then try filling again (demonstrate and refill your tree correctly).  Now Simon Says to fill your tree.  Raise your hand if the screen turns green and you need help.  Monitor the students' screen.


When all have succeeded, Simon Says click on the "Lines" button, change the color to brown.  Simon Says draw the trunk of the tree - draw a line down from the bottom, across and then up to the bottom of the tree.  Simon Says click on "Magic", then "Fill" and fill the trunk of the tree.


The students now have their Christmas tree.



Simon Says click on "Paint" under Tools.  Simon Says click on the Brushes, second row, right side.  Simon Says watch.  I am going to put 3 red ornaments on my tree.  Simon Says for you to put 3 red ornaments on your tree.  Simon Says click on the color blue on the bottom of the screen.  Simon Says put 3 blue ornaments on your tree.  Simon Says click on the color yellow on the bottom of the screen.  Simon Says put 2 yellow ornaments on your tree.  Now, Simon Says  to pick a color you want, but not black, brown or green, and put 2 more ornaments on your tree (choose pink or purple).


Candy Canes

Simon Says click on "Stamps" under Tools.  Simon Says click on the white arrow at the bottom of the stamps until you see the Holiday category.  It has the balloon and candle on top.


Simon Says click on the pink arrow down until you come to the second candy cane by the present.  Click on it.  Simon Says change its size to 5 blue bars.  Simon Says put two of them on the tree by clicking the mouse where you want them.


Simon Says change the direction of the candy cane by clicking on the mirror above the blue bars.  Simon Says put two more candy canes on the tree.



Simon Says click down on the pink arrow until you find the star.  Click on it.  Click on the color yellow.  Demonstrate how they need to decide the size of the star for their tree by clicking on the size bars and comparing it to their tree.  Remind them that they don't want their tree to be so heavy by a huge star that the tree falls over.  Simon Says stand up when you are done.






While they are standing, explain to the class that now they are going to do something special.  Before this class they were practicing, but today they are going to save their work.   Simon Says watch me.  Demonstrate where the "Save" button is under Tools.  When you click on it, it turns gray.  Simon Says for you to click on "Save" and sit down.  (Walk around the room and see if the Save button is gray on everyone's screen.)


Have students get a "New" white sheet.



If time show them how to check.  Click on "New" - open a white screen.  No tree!


Now click on the "Open" button under Tools.  Do you see your tree?  Click on it to highlight around it and then click on the word Open (just like choosing a "New" screen) and it appears.


Once again have the students get a "New" white sheet before quitting the program. 


Log Off

Review with students how to log off. (Demonstrate with a projector as the students do it with you.) You are all out of the program Tux Paint now. We are back to the "desktop". Way down in the bottom corner on the blue bar there is a circle with four little squares that are red, green, blue and yellow. This is called the "Flying Windows". Click on the "Flying Windows". A menu pops up that is white and black. Look at the black part at the bottom. You see two words that say, "Shut Down" and a little arrow that points to the right. Click on the arrow and another little menu pops up. Near the top of that menu are two words "Log Off". With your mouse click on those two words. Your desktop might turn black now. That is OK. You have now logged off of the network. Your screen will go back to the Novell Client Screen, where it was when you came to class today.