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SMARTeKIDS / 3rd Grade - Writing Workshop - Realistic Fiction
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3rd Grade - Writing Workshop - Realistic Fiction

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Overview - For this assignment you will reasearch what Realistic Fiction is then you will be writing a short realistic fiction story to share with the 2nd graders.


Resources :




Teacher Notes - For the first part of this activity students will use a free software program called X-Mind.  It is used to help them develop a web of the beginning, middle, and end of a story.  All workstations in the lab need to have X-Mind loaded on the C:\ Drive.  Watch the video to see how download the program easily to each workstation.  (Click Here) for the video.


Step 1: Go to the following website and look through the page to determine what the elements of a Realistic Fiction story are (Click Here)


Step 2: Look through the books samples on the page.  Do you recognize any of them?  Write a list of ideas for your own Realistic Fiction story.


Step 3: Look at some Story Starters (Click Here).  Determine which of these could be Realistic Fiction.  Add to your list of ideas to write a story about.


Step 4: Open XMind, and do a cluster web outlining the basics of your story. If XMind is not loaded on your computer (Click Here)


Step 5: Write your story.  Hint: Make sure it has a beginning, a middle and an end.  Make sure your story is interesting and can hold your readers attention. 


Step 6: Check your spelling and grammar.  The following video shows how do a spell check using Open Office .

  • Video (Click Here)


Step 7:  Format your page:

  • Add a Header that includes your name and date aligned to the right. The following video shows how to add a header and footer using Open Office
    • Video (Click Here)
  • Add Fontworks for your title. The following video shows how to use Fontworks using Open Office.
    • Video (Click Here)
  • Indent your paragraphs in 5 spaces by using the TAB key. The following video shows how to use the TAB key.
    • Video (Click Here)
  • Check between words to make sure you have only 1 space.  Check after punctuation to make sure you have 2 spaces.
  • Change the font to Ariel, size 14, color dark blue. The following video shows how to format the font.
    • Video (Click Here)



Step 8:  Print your final copy after you have finished editing your work