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Kindergarten - 18th Visit to the Computer Lab

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Workstations should be on the Novell Client Screen.  The routine for logging in should be established by now.  The next step is for the students to type their username without support from their card and then the six digits of their password.  The teacher will continue to type the "$j" at the end of the password as that is very difficult for a child this age.


Have the students open Tux Paint and wait.


Demonstrate the lesson using a projector to help the students follow along.


Counting Book - Number 1 (Part 2)


For the next several weeks the students will be making a counting book to twelve.  Emphasis is on learning to control the mouse as well as using how to use different tools and technology vocabulary while incorporating curriculum.  This could easily be adopted to make an ABC Book or any other theme book.


Opening a Saved Document

Have the students click on the button “Open” (under Tools).  All the saved pictures will appear.  They need to find their snowman from last week and click on it.  They may have to use the pink arrow to scroll down further to find their picture.  Then click on the word “Open” in the green button at the bottom.


One Snowman (Part 2) – Remember directions are said by using “Simon Says


Nose: Click on “Paint(under Tools).

          Click on the Colors orange.

          Click on the dot size (under Brushes), 2nd row, left side.

          Draw a short line from the center of the smallest circle for the snowman’s nose.


Mouth: Click on the Colors red.

          Under Brushes, arrow down to the blurred dot.

          Click four dots for the mouth.


Eyes: Arrow down using the pink arrow (under Brushes) to the small stars.

          Click on the Colors blue.

          Click a star for eye each.


Buttons: Click on “Stamp” (under Tools).

            Using the white arrows under Stamps, click over until you find the space category.

            Click on any round planet.

            Use the blue size bar to show how it has to be very small to be a button on the snowman.

            Click three buttons on the snowman.


Arms:  Click on "Lines" (under Brushes).

          Click on the Colors black.

          Draw a straight line out from the body to represent an arm.

          Draw two little lines on each side on the arm to represent twigs.


Number 1:

            Click on “ABC Text” (under Tools).

            Find a blank space by your snowman and click on it.

            Click on the Colors black.

            Type 1.

            Click on the “Bold A” on the bottom of the sample fonts on the right side of the screen.

            Show how the down arrow makes the #1 smaller and the up arrow makes the #1 bigger.

            Click the up arrow two times to make the #1 bigger.

            Check students' work and have them press Enter to place the number.




Saving over a Document

Remind the students where the “Save” button is under Tools.  Click on “Save”.  A window will pop up asking if they want to replace their old picture.  Click on “Yes” the green check.


If time, go to each station and send the document to print.  The students can then open a “New” sheet and have free drawing until the end of class.  Save the page to be assembled into a book at the end.


Quit and Log Off

Once again have the students get a "New" white sheet before quitting the program and logging off.