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SMARTeKIDS / 2010 - 2011 Third Grade Lesson Plans
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2010 - 2011 Third Grade Lesson Plans

September 10, Friday (Day 1)

  • Assign seats
  • Review Rules
  • Review Computer Parts
  • Review 3 folders on the desk top.  (Programs, Little Wings, Junior Wings, Student Programs)
  • Show them where BBC typing is (Junior Wings Weblinks)
  • Have students login, they quickly notice they can not get in.  Hand out user Id's with new passwords.
  • If they are in have them go to BBC typing and practice while teacher helps all students get in.
  • Final 10-15 minutes free explore KidPix


Sept 17, Friday (Day 2)

  • Login
  • BBC Typing Practice
  • KidPix - Have students go to the Idea Machine in the top left corner.
    • Double click on All About Me and open the folder My Favorite
    • Practice skills File, ABC text, Resizing a text box, paint, draw fill, adding border, file save as to their F drive.