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SMARTeKIDS / 1st Grade - 8th Visit to the Computer Lab
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1st Grade - 8th Visit to the Computer Lab

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Students go directly to their workstations and login.  Have them go into the Student Programs folder and double click on the KidPix icon to open the program.  Do not take control of their screen at this time.  Using a projector and having the students do the task with you at the same time is the best method for this lesson.


Opening a Saved Document 


Ask the students what they were working on the last time they came to computers. (Fall picture)  Remind them that they did not have time to finish it but that we saved it in their special file.  So now they have to go and get it out of their file.  We have to "Open" their file and get their picture.


Have the students go to the top of the screen and click on the word "File".  When the menu pops down, have the students find the word "Open".  Click on it.  A new window open.  Read the blue bar on the top - "Open Picture".  Have them find the words "Look in".  Point to it.  Where does the computer want us to look in? (My Pictures)  Is that your name? (No)  We need to go to the end of the white box and click on the black arrow.  Do you remember where we put your picture?  (Under our username)  Go down and click on your username.  That is where the computer is going to look now to find your picture.


Do you see the big white box in the middle of the window?  Do you see the word "Fall" in that box?  Click one time on the word "Fall".  Do you see your picture in the little white box at the bottom of the box?  That's to check if that's the one you want to open.  If that is your picture, click on the word "Open".  Your picture is now in your workspace.  Now you may work on it and finish your picture.


Replacing a Document


After about ten minutes of working on their pictures have the class stop working.  Tell them that we are going to save their picture again.  (This is to provide practice in the procedure and sometimes KidPix closes the program and they could lose their work.)  Have the students go to the top and click on the word "File".  Have them move their mouse down and click on the words "Save As".  When the window pops up, have the students point to the words on the blue bar.  Does it say "Save As"?  Have them check their neighbors.  Next have them look in the white box.  Do they see their username?  If not, have them click on the arrow at the end of the box and click on their username.  Then have them check the white box next to the words "File name".  Does it say "Fall"?  Now, click on the word "Save" and STOP!!  Did you get a little window with an exclamation mark in it?  That means to pay attention to the message.  The message says, "The file Fall.kpx already exists.  Do you want to replace it?"  This means that you have already saved something called "Fall".  Do you want this new picture with all your changes on it to be saved now or do you want to keep your old one?  Well, we want the new picture with all our new work on it, so answer the question by clicking on the word "yes".  You have now saved your new work.


If a student is done with their picture, they may have free time to draw. 


If they have not finished, they may continue their work.  It is suggested their work be saved individually with the teacher's help.


By the end of the class all students should have finished their pictures.  During the next couple of lessons the students will be learning how to use text and putting a title on their picture.


At the end of class have the students exit the program and logoff.