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1st Grade - 25th Visit to the Computer Lab

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Have the students log in but not to go into KidPix.  Remind them to go into the folder called Little Wings Web Links on the Desktop and click on Tux Math Command (the penguin).  Then click on the first choice on the first screen - Play Alone.  On the next screen click on the top choice - Math Command Training Activity.  Have them again click on the second choice, Addition: Sums to 10.  Tell them that they are going to add the numbers together, press the number key that represents the answer and then press the Enter key on the number keypad.  Remind them to use the number keypad and their pinky finger for the Enter key.  Have them practice for five minutes.  Close the program when time has expired and have them go back to the Desktop.


Long Ago, Yesterday and Today Video


Students are introduced to comparing things from long ago and today through a video downloaded to the Library Drive (I:/) from Discovery Education (Unitedstreaming).  The video is entitled, “Long Ago, Yesterday and Today".  Using a projector, you will be watching the entire video (15:00) for the purpose of these lessons.  


In the SJPS network, go to My Computer.  Click on the I:\.  Click on the Elementary folder.  Click on the 1st Grade folder.  Click on the Computers folder.  Click on the video “Long Ago, Yesterday and Today”.  There are three small icons on the bottom right corner of the screen.  The middle icon, with the slanted arrow pointing up, will make the video full screen.  Pressing the Escape button releases the Full Screen option.


(To view this video at home, click here to go to the Discovery Education website.  This is a paid subscription by our school district.  You will need your username and password.) 


When the video is finished ask the students to recall what things they saw that were from long ago and what do we use today.  (Some answers may include but not be limited to: candles - electricity; log cabins - house; horse - car; old plane - jet etc.)  The things from long ago could be from when their grandparents were little girls and boys and even longer ago.  Tell the students that they are going to make a project out of KidPix stamps and compare some long ago pictures to today pictures.


Long Ago and Today Project

Have the students open the KidPix program.  Change the color to black in the color splotch.  Click on the medium size ball and the straight line to draw.  Draw a line across the center of the page (horizontally). 


Click on ABC.  Double click on the top of the screen to open a text box.  Type "Long Ago".  Change the text size to 36.  Move it to the upper left corner.


Click below the line and open another text box.  Type "Today".  Change the text size to 36.  Move the box to the lower left corner.


Click on Paint.  Click on the open rectangle on the bottom.  Click and drag a rectangle around the words "Long Ago" and another around the word "Today".


Save a Document

Have the students save the file to their F:\ and call the file "long ago" or "ago".


If a few minutes remain before the class time ends, have them start to explore in stamps for pictures from long ago.  Share any information found with all the students.