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SMARTeKIDS / 2nd Grade - 24th Visit to the Computer Lab
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2nd Grade - 24th Visit to the Computer Lab

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Have students login and go to Dance Mat Typing (BBC) in the Little Wings Web Links Folder.  They start at the stage they left off on the last time they typed.  Your records sheet should show what Level and Stage they were on.  Have them practice for 10 minutes.  Record what they accomplished today to see if they had personal growth.


Next have the students go into the Tux Math Command in Students Program Folder- click on Play Alone, Math Command Training Academy, Addition: Sums to 20 (another level can be selected to adjust to individual needs).  Practice combinations and continue to go to the next level for 5 minutes.


States of Matter

Recall with students the video they saw last visit.   (About Matter)  Ask what do they know about all matter. (Takes up space and has weight)   What is the name of another state of matter?  (Solid, Liquid or Gas)  How do we know something is a solid?  (Has its own shape, can be hard or soft, can be counted.)  How do we know something is a liquid?  (Takes the shape of its container, can be poured and can not be counted.)   How do we know something is a gas?  ( Has no shape of its own, can not see.)


Management of pages:  Have the words displayed for each page of the booklet.  If the class is somewhat together, you can use a projector to display the sentences or write them on a board.  Do not spend the time to put pictures on the pages yet.


Direction for all text on the pages

Click on ABC.  Click on the screen to make a text box.  Type the title of the page.  Change the size to 72 by highlighting it.  Also, change the color of the text to a medium or dark color.  While it is still highlighted show the students how to change the style of font.  Let them explore the choices and choose one that is easily read (not scripted).  You may want to put a time limit for looking and choosing.    Move the text box to the center of the page. 


Click below the title to create another text box.  Type the first sentence.  Remind students they are to type a sentence and then press Enter to move the cursor down to the next line.  Continue with each sentence the same way.  Highlight both sentences.  Change the size of the text to 28.  Change the color and font if so desired.  Center justify the text and then move the text box below the title on the page.


There should only be two text boxes on the page.  There should not be a separate text box for each sentence.


Matter Page

What is the name of the booklet we started last visit?  (Matter)  Have the students open the KidPix program.  Open their file called "matter".  If it is not finished, have the students finish it.  Those that are finished can proceed to the Solids page.


Solids Page

Title: Solids

Sentences: Solids have their own shape.  Solids can be hard or soft.  You can count solids.



Most students should be working on this page by the end of class.