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2nd Grade - 30th Visit to the Computer Lab

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Have students login and go to Dance Mat Typing (BBC) in the Little Wings Web Links Folder.  They start at the stage they left off on the last time they typed.  Your records sheet should show what Level and Stage they were on.  Have them practice for 10 minutes.  Record what they accomplished today to see if they had personal growth.


Next have the students go into the Tux Math Command in Students Program Folder- click on Play Alone, Math Command Training Academy, Addition - any level can be selected to adjust to individual needs.  Practice combinations and continue to go to the next level for 5 minutes.


Curriculum Integration

The next series of lessons could take four or five sessions depending on discussion and questions about the topic, size of class and listening skills.  There are two sections - Parts of the Eye and the Video "Virtual Cow's Eye Dissection".  Do as much as time allows for a class and then continue the next visit to the computer lab.



Begin the lesson by explaining to the students that they will be learning about the five senses in Health.  Question the students to see if they can name the five senses.  Tell them that they are going to be doing something special with a cow's eye - dissecting it* or cutting it open to examine the parts of the eye.  But first we are going to learn about the sense of sight and the parts of the eye.  Remind them that dissecting is not gory but very interesting. 


*Note: If this hasn't been arranged or is no longer a hands-on lesson, the lessons can still be used and done just virtually.



This video is from Discovery Education (unitedstreaming).  Video Segment "Structure of the Human Eye" from The Eye: Structure and Function.  This video does have some information integrated into it that is beyond the information needed for 2nd graders.  The segment is 11:16 minutes.  Only watch 8:20 minutes (to the rods and the cones).


This video has been downloaded to the St. Johns Public Schools Library Drive (I:\).  Click on the following icons or folders to project the video for the class:  My Computer, Library or I:\, Computer Resources, 2nd Grade, The Structure of the Eye.asx.  To view full screen go to the box with the arrow in it, in the lower right corner and click on it.  Press ESC to cancel.


Have a short discussion about what they learned from the video, especially how the image is upside down and our brain turns it right side up.  Next tell the students that we are going to label the parts of the eye as if we were looking through the side of their head over the next couple of weeks.  This will help them learn the names for the parts of the eye and their functions.


Side View of the Eye

Have the students double click on the icon "My Computer" on the desktop.  Double click on the Library drive called the I:\.  Double click on Computer Resources, 2nd grade and the file called "eye side view template".


Tell the students that before they do any work on this file, they need to put this picture in their own file. Explain that they are currently in the I:\ and we need to put it in their F:\.  So, do a File, Save As, and find their F:\.  Click on it.  Now look at the file name.  It says "eye side view template.kpx".  Change it to say "eye side view" either by backspacing and deleting the words "template.kpx" or by highlighting those words and pressing the delete key.


After saving the document to the F:\ have the students close the program and log off if class time is over.  If time remains, one can begin the next lesson by filling in the eye or have teacher choice time with activities.