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Kindergarten - 26th Visit to the Computer Lab

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Workstations should be on the Novell Client Screen. The routine for logging in should be established by now. The next step is for the students to type their username without support from their card and then the six digits of their password. The teacher will continue to type the "$j" at the end of the password as that is very difficult for a child this age.


Have the students open Tux Paint and wait.


Demonstrate the lesson using a projector to help the students follow along.


Name on Project 

Ask the students to put their name on their paper.  Remind them of the steps (if needed), click on Lines, draw your line by the gray box, click on ABC Text, click below the line, Caps Lock on for your first letter, Caps Lock off, then type the rest of your name.  Then press the Enter key to set your name. (If there is a mistake and the student has already pressed “Enter”, just click on the Undo button and start the name again.)


Remember to add the circles at each end of the line.


Demonstrate the lesson using a projector to help the students follow along.


Counting Book - Number 7 



Last week we finished six Easter eggs. How many things are we going to draw today if we are making a counting book? One. Two . Three. . .Four. . . Five. . .Six. . . Seven.  Today we are going to draw seven fish in the water.


Seven Fish


Water:  Click on Paint (under Tools).

             Click on rainbow color at the end of the color line (under Color).  Pick a blue-green color from the color palette.

             Click on the smallest brush (under Brushes).

             Draw a wavy line about 2/3 of the way above the name line from side to side.

             Click on Magic (under Tools).

             Click on Fill (under Magic).

             Click the magic wand in the space above the name line to create the water.


Sky:  Click on the color dark blue (under Color).

         You are still in Magic and Fill.  Click the magic wand above the water for the sky. 


Fish:  Ask the students if there is only one kind of fish in the ocean? in the lake?  Tell them that we are going to put seven fish in our water and they cannot be all the same kind.

          Click on Stamp (under Tools).  If the animal category isn't showing, use the white arrows under the stamp category and arrow over to the animal category.

          Using the pink arrow, arrow down to the fish section.

          Click on a fish.  Watch me!  This fish is too big for the water since we need seven fish.  We need to change its size using the blue size bars so we can fit all the fish.  Find an appropriate size and put it in the water.

          Click on another fish.  Tell the students that we don't want all the fish swimming the same way.  Remind them that by clicking on the mirror they can change the way the fish is swimming.  Put a couple of different fish in the water and then have the students put seven fish in the water.  Remember you can use Undo if you make a mistake. 

          Check students' work as they are working.


Sun:  Our picture looks bare.  Let's add some detail.

          Remind students that they are in the animal category.  Using the white arrow under the fish, click over to the space category.

          Click on the shining sun.

          Check the size for your picture and place it in the sky on the right side.


Cloud:  Our sky doesn't look right. Let's click on Paint (under Tools).

               Click on the largest dot (under Brushes).

               Click on white (under Colors). Left click and drag in a circular motion to form a small cloud in the sky in

                     an open space. They still don't look like fluffy clouds.

               So, click on Magic (under Tools).

               Use the pink arrow under the Magic tools and arrow down to the end. You will see a finger pointing and a piece of paper to smudge it like you do in finger painting. Click on the Smudge button.

               Now put the magic wand on the cloud and smudge the ends. Does it look like a fluffy cloud now?


Number 7: Click on “ABC Text” (under Tools).

                Click on a blank space.

                Click on the Colors black.

                Type 7.

                Click on the “Bold A” on the bottom of the sample fonts on the right side of the screen.

                Click the up arrow two times to make the #7 bigger.

                Check students' work and have them press Enter to place the number.




Saving a Document in Tux Paint

Remind the students where the “Save” button is under Tools. Click on “Save”.



If time, go to each station and send the document to print. The students can then open a “New” sheet and have free drawing until the end of class. Save the printed page to be assembled into a book at the end. 


Quit and Log Off

Once again have the students get a "New" white sheet before quitting the program and logging off.